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Camp Hill Kitchen Remodel

Eastgate Kitchen


We just completed this kitchen remodel at a Camp Hill home. Not all remodels have to start from scratch to update and really enhance the room’s appearance…

Utilizing the existing cabinetry we installed new Formica countertops, faucet, and sink. Combine those small changes with a new subway tile backsplash, and you have a bright and inviting area to cook!

Interior Painting

What’s one of the best jobs to do during the winter? Paint! (or working on anything else where the heat is).

We’re re-painting a Camp Hill home to get it ready for sale in the spring. This ‘Antique White’ color works perfect with the hardwood floors to give the room a nice classic look.

Basement Ceiling Replacement

This ceiling repair was one of several items we completed this week at a Camp Hill rental property.