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Camp Hill Kitchen Remodel

Eastgate Kitchen


We just completed this kitchen remodel at a Camp Hill home. Not all remodels have to start from scratch to update and really enhance the room’s appearance…

Utilizing the existing cabinetry we installed new Formica countertops, faucet, and sink. Combine those small changes with a new subway tile backsplash, and you have a bright and inviting area to cook!

Master Bath Closet Addition

Here is a small addition we completed at a home in Harrisburg. A bathroom balcony was enclosed and then converted into a walk-in closet

Before Images

After Images



Water Damage Repair

This is a recent water damaged unit we repaired at a condominium in Harrisburg.

Hershey Bathroom Renovation

We’re almost wrapped up with this Hershey bathroom renovation. The new pocket door, new closet, tub, and surround are installed. All that’s missing is some paint to finish it off!

Vinyl Flooring Before and After

We recently replaced the vinyl floor in this Harrisburg bathroom. It really brightens the room up!


New Laundry Area

Recently, we created a new laundry area in a Harrisburg home. Pergo Max flooring, a new counter top, and cabinets were installed after repainting the area.

Commercial Office Conversion

We converted a commercial office building in Elizabethtown into a residential apartment. The project lasted several months, and consisted of a completely demolishing and re-framing the interior, building all new living and dining rooms as well as re-wiring and re-plumbing for a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

Here are the ‘before’ images:


Here are the ‘after’ images: